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"For the past few years, I have wondered how to achieve meaning and purpose in my life...

...Then I met Robin."

Welcome to Meaningful & Productive Living Therapy Services, LLC

Do you wish that you could do more in your life? Are you having problems doing certain activities because of chronic pain, medical conditions, mental health challenges or for other reasons? Then, you found the right practice!

Dr. Robin Underwood, a licensed occupational therapist, has the privilege of working with Atlanta based clients to help them achieve their goals. 

Meet Dr. Robin Underwood

She helps people engage in the occupations (daily activities) that they need and want to do. She focuses on finding out what activities are meaningful to individuals and through a focus on doing in the person’s actual environments, she facilitates performance of these activities. 

Robin evaluates an individual’s strengths; barriers to performance (physical, psychosocial, sensory, and cognitive factors); the environments that the desired occupations are performed in; and the demands of the desired activities. She and the individual then develop goals and an action plan focused on performance of these activities. Recommendations related to performance are specific to the individual and may include adaptations and/or methods for energy conservation and work simplification. Robin supports the individual and significant others as the individual performs these activities within his or her environments and facilitates development of habits and routines.

She also helps individuals navigate complex medical systems and has served as a medical and educational advocate. 

Who I Help

Adolescents and adults who are not performing the daily life activities (occupations) that they want and need to do because of:

Such as Aging, Retirement, or Job Changes

Or other Trauma

Client Reviews

Take It From Them

"Through working with her, I increased my self-esteem, stopped doubting my decisions, and began to feel like I am a worthwhile person."
Ann B.
"Working with Robin is life changing."
Mary S.
"Having Robin in my life has been unlike any other experience with occupational therapy. She did not teach my fundamental activities of daily living to maintain my life. She personally immersed herself into my life and helped designed unique plans of management to catapult my life onto the next level of maxim living with a purpose."
Dr. D. R.